Marketing strategy, messaging, and execution

My technology focus: High performance computing, enterprise technical computing, cloud native, and open source.

Have a differentiated message. Create an integrated marketing plan that builds on each component. Execute. Repeat.

Partnering and building community

Conversations. Collaborating. Realizing results together.

We are all part of something bigger, working together for a common goal.

Whether it's joint marketing or communications via tools such as events or digital, engaging with others in the community is a valuable tool.

Skiing, hiking, dogs

This is what makes life worth living!



I'm just a person, working in tech, trying to communicate. Communication for the organizations I work with, the companies I work for, collaborating with the people I meet, and for me.

It's not just communications, but what it enables for any of us; the confidence, the community, sharing a story.

Contact me - we can talk about your goals for marketing and the tools to help you communicate and share your message!