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Marketing strategies, messaging, and communications for HPC, Enterprise Technical Computing, Cloud Native, and Open Source.  Building communities. Living the Dream.

I love working with people. I love helping companies reach their potential with go-to-market strategies, digital communications, and marketing strategies. I like talking and laughing. I love skiing, hiking, snowshoeing and the Colorado mountains. I love my family, especially my favorite family members Connor and Coal the dogs. 🙂 I am living the dream and thankful everyday for it!

My Story

I have been leading marketing organizations and setting digital marketing strategies either as a member of the marketing department, head of a business unit, or as an outsourced marketing director. Developing the marketing plans, key messages, and executing plans is a passion. Add to that the ability to build community and bring people together and it’s the perfect job! Knowing what to say, how to say it, where to share it, and bringing all marketing elements together in a cohesive, yet efficient manner – that’s the magic.

I believe in a holistic approach to marketing; that messaging aligns with your strengths, go-to-market activities interact and build upon each other, and understanding our partner’s and customer’s business issues and giving them what will drive their business will deliver success.


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